Cloud 9: High Definition Loop Mass Media Matrix

  • Fully uncompressed video
  • Instant Matrix Switching w/ AIMS Technology
  • 9-Source, Unlimited Outputs
  • Robust HDBaseT Technology
  • 3×3, 2×2 and custom Video Walls
  • Matrixable Quad View (Matrix each quadrant independently)
  • 9-Source Multiview
  • Dynamic Video Walls  with PC software or Control System​

AVPro Edge Presents a stable alternative to HDMI over IP with Cloud 9. The AC-MX9XHDL-HDBT is a unique piece of technology that allows you to take 9 inputs and distribute them to almost limitless outputs by adding or stacking additional units. Get all of the stuff you love from AV over IP and more with none of the headaches. Features include matrixing Quad-View, 9-Source Multiview, Actual Instant Matrix Switching (AIMS), IR & RS232 control of the displays, and more.


Utilizing uncompressed HDBaseT Technology, this system will truly shine and give you actual lossless images on screen and perform more reliably, making it ideal for low-no maintenance setups. No network switch is required, making this solution a very quick and efficient installation option in larger AV systems. In addition, you will have access to dual, front panel, color screens to further simplify the setup process. One screen is for Source Preview and the other is used for Settings.


For control, the Could 9 features a host of ready made 3rd party control drivers (C4, RTI, Crestron, ELAN) along with a robust API for universal implementation. Turn key control systems available. Additionally, with Rout-able IR & RS232 you can control the displays (Power on, power off) with by using same HDBaseT CAT cable runs already in place.


Key Features:


AIMS: "Actual Instant Matrix Switching" allows the Cloud 9 to instantly display any of the sources on any display with no delay from button push to switch. Additionally, AIMS allows you to switch in and out of multiview mode instantly.


MATRIXABLE QUAD-VIEW: This function allows you to utilize a larger display or projector to show either one source at a time or 4 sources at a time. In this mode you can matrix each quadrant individually or display one source full screen...all instantly.


9-SOURCE MULTIVIEW: View all 9 sources on any display, ideal for large projectors, confidence monitors and eye catching dynamic video walls.


Video Wall: When you pair the Cloud 9 with the AC-EX150VW-C9R you can make custom video walls. 3x3, 2x2 or your own layout of up to 9 displays. Comes with video wall-set up software where you can set display placement, bezel compensation and more.


IR & RS-232 MATRIX & DISPLAY CONTROL: Not only can you control the matrix itself with these protocols, you have the ability to control the displays/projectors for things like power on/off without running extra wires. This often overlooked feature is fully implemented in the Cloud 9.


CASCADE: Increase the size of you matrix to limitless proportions by simply adding additional units. They only take up 1U rack space and each unit adds 9 more outputs to your system.


FPGA BACKBONE: We get asked all the time how is this possible with traditional HDMI distribution methods, and the answer is simple. While it feels simple to the installer, tons of things are happening at once behind the scenes. The signal is managed by our FPGA Modules which make for very robust mission critical installations. Our FPGA Engineers are among the best in the world and the Cloud 9 reflects this.


ISOLATED POE:  Isolated PoE allows this unit to function reliably by isolating high voltage away from sensitive components.


  • Bars and Restaurants are absolutely perfect.  Low downtime and robust implementation make for happy owners and repeat work
  • In medical facilities for multiview point to point training environments
  • For classrooms with lots of displays and presenters
  • For security applications to view 4-9 HD video cameras
  • For transportation management systems for monitoring camera feeds in hi-def
  • Large homes that want the ultimate control experience





Full Feature Set


  • Beautiful, Uncompressed Video
  • Instant Matrix Switching w/ AIMS Technology
  • 9-Source, Unlimited Outputs
  • Robust HDBaseT Technology
  • Matrixable Quad View
  • 9-Source Multiview
  • Dynamic Video Walls  with PC software or Control System
  • Dual Color LCD Screens for Setup
  • Instantly jump from Multiview/Quadview to Single image
  • IR, RS-232, or Ethernet Control
  • IR, RS-232 Pass through to HDbaseT  Receivers (Displays/Projectors)
  • Advanced RS-232 Routing to single outputs
  • 4 port IR Matrix
  • Free PC Control Software (Serial)
  • Web Interface for control and setup
  • FPGA Based hardware
  • HDBaseT Lossless Video Transport
  • Instant, seamless switching of sources and into and out of Multiview mode (Or Video Wall Mode)
  • Digital (Coax) audio extraction with 3 operational modes.  Fixed to Inputs, Follows Outputs, and Independent Matrix
  • HDMI Audio Selection/Martix in Quad View & 9 screen Multiview
  • 9 HDMI Inputs & Loop Outputs
  • 9 HDBaseT Outputs (Can cascade for more)
  • Full HD (1920x1080P 60Hz)
  • Supports legacy formats (1080i, 720p, 480i/p, and more)
  • HDCP 1.4 and earlier supported
  • HDCP 2.2 (with AC-SC1-AUHD)
  • Up to 70m (230ft)
  • PoH Receivers, no power supplies needed for receivers
  • Single UTP/STP LAN cable (CAT-5E/6A) for all signals
  • Transfer IR & RS-232 signals from Matrix to Rx
  • 3-20v protection circuit built in for safe IR transport
  • Supports uncompressed PCM 2- Ch., 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD-Master Audio, Atmos on HDMI
  • Can Cascade for massive distributions


Whats in the box?


  • AC-MX9XHDL-HDBT (Cloud 9)
  • 12V/3A Locking Power Supply
  • 48V Power Supply for PoE
  • 1 x IR Remote Control
  • 1 x IR Extension Cable
  • Rack Ears
  • Terminal Connectors



We do our very best at making sure the installation of our products goes smoothly. Feel free to reach out to us at and we will be sure to follow up with whatever your needs are.