AC-MX9XHDL-HDBT presents a stable alternative to HDMI over IP with Cloud 9. It is a unique piece of technology that allows you to take 9 inputs and distribute them to almost limitless outputs by adding or stacking additional units.


The AC-MX1616-AUHD is a true high bandwidth powerhouse. Supporting the full HDMI 2.0a/b specification and supporting every flavor of HDR, this matrix will ensure you can get the most out of any system. 


The AC-MX42-AUHD is a true 4×2 HDMI matrix switch. Supporting HDMI 2.0(a/b), HDCP 2.2, up to 4K video resolution, and up to 18 Gbps bandwidth. This switch allows any source (Blu-ray, UHD Blu-ray, satellite receiver, game consoles, PCs, etc … ) to be shown on any of the connected displays.


The AC-MX88-AUHD-HDBT-PLUS is a true 8×8 HDMI/HDBaseT matrix switch. This unit includes 8 HDMI inputs, and 8 HDMI/HDBaseT output blocks. These output blocks include a HDBaseT and HDMI port, these ports are mirrored, and both are active.